15 juin 2010

Helping Hand ('n'roll)

When you look at your life behind you,
Like dark clouds
Rising up like a winter storm
You have just one thought in mind:

Run toward the waves
Desperately through the fields
Fly beyond the heavens
And cry, and cry, and cry…

The time has passed fast
You feel you’ll be the last
Those you've loved the most,
Are leaving first

Screams are coming out
From your deepest soul
Who cares about your pain?
And if all will be in vain ?

When your life goes down
The people who « mill » around you
Are passing without a glance
Looking out for their chance

Their smiles aren't for you
Their cares aren't for you
You want just a little thing
You need just a helping hand

Dive into your tears
Will not make you better
It's just a waste of your time
That is just for nothing, for nothing

Flying beyond the heavens
It's For nothing, for nothing
Run desperately through the fields
It's For nothing, for nothing, for nothing…